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When a man or woman comes out to his or herself as gay, there is often an initial sense of calm.  Saying the word "gay" as a self-identifier is a huge step forward!  Unfortunately this feeling of relief is all-too-soon replaced by anxiety as to what this pronouncement will mean to the relationships with family and friends.  It is at this point that stresses about this new reality can overwhelm.  "What do I say?  How do I say it?  When do I say it?  Who do I say what to?"  These are questions every transitioning person asks.  It's how  you  approach the coming out process that will determine how the reactions of others will effect you, your life, and your psyche.  You're not alone!     
Rob O'Donnell, C.C.
Rob O'Donnell, C.C.

Certified Life Coach

ertified Life Coach