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Rob O'Donnell, C.C.

Certified Life Coach

Most of the beliefs, opinions, and client instruction I bring to each coaching session stems from personal experience. You might have heard the saying "The Universe only gives you what you can handle." Well, looking back on the last four years I have often wished that the Universe would pick on someone else. Since 2009 I've lost both my parents, ended a life-partnership, finalized my divorce, had my job and pay severely downgraded, lost a home, and endured a serious injury and rehabilitation (among many other things). But I survived it all. I am still standing. And, no matter what the circumstance or situation, you can survive it too!

Survival Instinct. As humans, we are hard-wired to fight for our survival. And in varying degrees each of us has already fought many a battle whether we realized it or not. If you doubt me, just look back on your own life. Were you able to hit a rewind button, you would discover definitive examples of decisions made (based on human instinct) that helped to keep you alive.  In 1915, Harvard University physiologist Walter Cannon identified this as our 'fight or flight' instinct. In summary: 'when humans are faced with danger or stress, a biological trigger helps us decide whether to stay and fight or get the heck out of there -- flight'. Whether facing down a bully, locking horns with a boss, or evaluating a personal relationship, the instinct has always been the same: Fight or Flight.

But in today's remote-control-immediate- gratification-so-many-options society is our survival instinct being dulled?  With seemingly everything having become disposable, do people still fight for love, for a career, for a living, or even for a dream the way our forefathers did? So much is now handed to us on a platter that many have forgotten what it's like to actually work for things! In my own home I try to lead by example but I have no control over my ex-wife's leniency and generosity. Still my kids have witnessed my taking the high road with their mother (before, during and after the divorce), watched me cry [show emotion] and mourn each of my parents when they died, saw me fight for the relationship and love I once had with my ex-partner, supported my [scary] decision to leave a company I'd been affiliated with for 24 years, and helped pick up the slack when I had to take a second job to make ends meet during the ensuing lean times.

Survival instinct?  I've got that covered...